About Zhejiang Dashang Technology Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Dashang Technology Co., Ltd is affiliated to Hong Kong Xiong'an Technology Group, focusing on the R&D and operation of short video social products in the 5G era. " Dashang Short Video" developed and operated by Dashang Technology is a short video APP that integrates short video recording, publishing, sharing and other functions. Xiong'an Technology is a leading company in blockchain sector listed in Hong Kong, with strong financial and technical strength; Talent Store, developed and operated by Zhejiang Dapin Network Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Xiong'an Technology, is a leading social e-commerce platform in China, with millions of store managers experts, covering tens of millions of end users. With supports from Xiong'an Group's capital, technology and human resources, Dashang's core management comes from top-tier companies such as Alibaba and Microsoft, as well as the elites of Darendian have been selected to enter the short video industry with a new brand image through core technology R&D and business model innovation.

Zhejiang Dashang Technology Co., Ltd. Business Model

Dashang as a professional short video platform, while encouraging users to create and watch short video content, it uses advanced artificial intelligence technology and big data to achieve efficient and intelligent distribution of high-quality short video contents, and realize profits through its advertising revenue.
Dashang continues to output high-quality short video content by integrating top-notch internet celebrity artists and MCN resources that have reached a strategic partnership with Daren Store before, gathering a large number of users with high-quality content and ultimate user experience, and traditional short video platforms In the same way, Dashang shows FEED streaming advertisements in the form of anchor paid promotion, brand merchant direct investment and DSP platform distribution to accurately matched target users through AI assistance and big data algorithms, and meanwhile, part of the advertising revenue is returned to the platform user in the form of rebates.
In Dashang’s business ecosystem centered on high-quality content and accurate advertising, the Internet celebrity anchors have increased the attention of fans, the merchants have increased the sales of goods, the brand has expanded its popularity, and users have gained benefits while enjoying leisure and entertainment, which is also reflected in the rewards. It is a business model that achieves a win-win situation for all parties in a dynamic balance.

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Vision & Mission

Dashang Technology is committed to creating value for all participants in the Dashang business ecosystem, being honest, transparent, pragmatic and innovative. As a brand that loves life and has warmth, Dashang takes the recording and sharing of high-definition video and audio as its core service. While providing the end-user experience, making communication worthwhile, and, as always, assumes social responsibility, contributes value and helps every talent is appreciated.

Dashang is honored to share those memorable, loving and touching moments with you.